Molino Iaquone

The Iaquone family comes from a story of passion and tradition, which for over 65 years has produced a wide range of flour not only for professionals but also for domestic use.
Passion is the engine of the company.
The care in the selection of the grain, the experience, the tradition and the innovation, make our flour unique.

We create with Passion

From the production

Attention to detail, taste and innovation make our product unique and excellent.

To the distribution

We distribute our flour in Italy and in the world to everyone’s needs, from the professional to the housewife.

Seeking the authentic taste of things

Three experienced generations in the field of raw materials selection, innovation in respect of traditions.

To share it with people

People are the ones who, with their passion make our company great, not only those who work the wheat every day, but also those who daily use our flour.

      The Dough House

IAQUONE is Social

Because we like sharing the good things with People.

Iaquone news

Lots of news about the world of flour and even beyond.

From 9 to 12 January 2017

New York

Roman Pizza night at Pizzeria San Matteo in Manhattan. Technical event "Italian Pizza" at professional building: baking, dough handling, tasting just for the industry professionals.

From 21 to 23 February 2017

Catex Irlanda

Booth with pizza preparation and Roman and Neapolitan Stand tasting at Booth A51 Little Italy Ldt.

From 6 to 12 March 2017

Gulfood Dubai

Booth (no pizza preparation) Italian pizza open day at ICCA Dubai Academy March 5, 2017 with Italian pizza preparation and tasting, pizza courses at ICCA Academy.


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