The Dough House

... The place where to share passion and experience.

From theory to practice, a group of experienced pizza chefs, bakers, fryers and caterers, will share techniques and secrets.
A world of researchers bond by their passion for the good things work every day in close contact with our laboratories to offer always the best product. A synergy created by the attention to detail and love for the people.
Iaquone periodically selects ovens, restaurants and pizzerias that share the ethical and business rules.


The old milling culture has been enriched by the Research and Development project (high Quality and Digestibility Italian Pizza) where the great technical work done by master pizza makers belonging to various associations, popular and professional bread, pasta and pastry craftsmen, meets the wise art of selection, processing and mixing of the infinite variety of grains, alternative grains and genuine natural ingredients such as the mother dough. A modern Rheological laboratory and a center for technical and training tests complete the entire complex of Molino IAQUONE, guarantee the constant quality of our products and contribute in a fundamental way to research and development.

Real Neapolitan Pizza, Pizza Slices, Round and Roman Pizza, pliers, peel Pizza, Puglia and Genoese focaccia, fried pizza, spelt pizza, kamut, gluten-free, organic and stone ground flour pizzas, with over IAQUONE 50 professional products (flour, mix, ingredients) offer the ideal solution to the artisan’s needs.

Professional Iaquone products for Pizza, Bread, Pastry, homemade Pasta, Batters, Organic and Gluten-free are distributed by 90 companies specialized in catering in Italy and 40 in the 5 continents.

Iaquone, Italian excellence

The Quality Mark is an identification tool that Iaquone assigns to food business operators taking into account quality and sustainability criteria in order to give consumers an excellent, genuine, and highly digestible product.